Friday, 3 August 2012

Clerical and Institutional Child sex Abuse and Vivisection

Clerical and Institutional Child Rape, Murder and Vivisection by Pin Down in Child Care.


The picture is of me with bruises the day after one of the many beatings I received from Daisy Park when I was supposed to be cared for.

I went to Port Elphinstone Primary School then I went to Inverurie Academy. All the while I was in child care in a Home called Coblehaugh on Old Kemnay Road. This like all the others were mainly for children who were difficult to handle at their parental homes and wider communities, because they mainly broke the law. This I found to my detriment was mainly because they volunteered or were forced into the child sex trade by either or both parents and or Individuals in the community both by adults and children. Siblings also recruited and initiated each other and forced non compliant victims into the trade.

I was there because of this partly but more significantly because my father couldn't manage the family business' adequately on his own as the significant figure my mother was seriously ill and eventually died. My Mothers upbringing was no different. My initiation was not a good one as I did not approve of the practices of others including my siblings.

I was subject to one attempted snuff event, most people familiar enough with the porn industry will tell you that is when an individual(s) are killed during the production of the porn moovie.

This Picture shows from left to right, Margaret Third Child Prostitute. She had the support and the approval of Daisy Park B.E.M. and others in the child care system. Her clients were mainly female and two were Teachers at schools I went to, Port Elphinstone Primary and Inverurie Academy. We both attended these schools but in separate years.
Me,  Andrew Buchan Unpaid Child sex Worker subject to Pin Down with Psychiatric Medications. Pin Down was also an opportunity to test drugs on Children in child care rather than on animals alone. The same was then and until now done in care homes for the elderly. All this was done to protect significant figures in the community including the church and Government if the child or the family were at risk of exposing the extent of child exploitation in the wider communities. The Home office managed the practice of Pin Down  through one of their Psychiatrists. This is the department now handling it now if not always.
John Donnachie, he was also involved in child exploitation whilst at Coblehaugh, he acted as a minder/pimp for Lorraine Napier who was a Madame and a Prostitute. Loraine Napier was later shot by my brother Donald in Peterhead for a deal that went wrong concerning child exploitation in the town. A Police Officer mainly handled the running of the families involved in prostitution but not for the benefit of the community.
Trevor Smith, I don't know enough about Trevor to comment about him.
David Urquhart, David had sex with other boys and also tried to perform oral sex on me when I was in the newly extended play room. Tommy Quirke was his main sexual partner in Coblehaugh. David Urquhart later ended up in the prison system. It was said of him that he had become a drug courier and had done very well until he was caught.

When at both schools and others previously in Aberdeen and other homes I was always sought out by girls involved in child exploitation, mostly by themselves and to others. Some Homosexual boys would take an interest in me as did a Mr Coburn. Margaret Third attended both schools with me but she was older than me and in a higher year and she was also at Coblehaugh with me and a child prostitute as were Helen Crawford Dorothy Coull also involved in child exploitation and at Coblehaugh.

I am wearing the red jumper at the front on the far right, as you can see I have been subject to yet another beating. This is a strange picture and not unique in my collection as Daisy Park and her husband Albert Park, present would always have themselves cut out of the shot. This was also the same for other abusers and prominent children who abused and exploited children with permissions. Liz Fry can be seen sitting next to Joyce McGrath both were child abusers, it may be that my injuries were caused by Joyce as I remember her smashing my face into a mirror when she was visiting Coblehaugh as an adult and former child resident. Liz Fry took me to Aberdeen under the pretence of a day out with her to by herself make up Daisy approved of this and was fully aware before this happened as upon my return Liz Fry was asked if I had done well. Liz is sitting behind and just to the right of my sister Jacqueline who is wearing the white jumper.

Margaret Third was caught by me in the process of doing a deal with Ms or Mrs Merchant when I happened upon her at the new toilets before the bridge into Inverurie she later admitted doing business with other women and when I asked her what about my French Teacher  she said yes. My French teacher was very hostile and violent towards me because of my uncanny ability to talk of the sex trade in schools and homes in Aberdeen and Inverurie and Port Elphinstone.

This is me with my brother Keith just after starting at Inverurie Academy. Keith was sodomised by James McKenzie and made to perform oral sex upon him. James McKenzie was a former child resident and would visit frequently to take us on trips in a van rented from the Round Table, he had discussions with Daisy Park about the abuses and said that I can come here as often as I like as you are no different from me as I had told him what Daisy was doing. James McKenzie and Paul Morel who worked there were talking about signing  for the van one day and there was a discussion about the consequences as it would leave a paper trail.

I know that most accounts of the child and adult sex trades are fabricated and purposely so to hide the truth of the workings of the trade. Most people think it is men who make up the majority in the control and exploitation of adults and children in the sex trade, it is not so. The sex trade is run jointly like a business but the number of willing sex workers is more than those forced into the trade. It is a choice made mostly out of need for money but also greed.

The people who are most likely to recruit into the sex trade child and adult  prostitutes and slaves  are girls and women, the men do not hold the monopoly. Churches and Governments and private  institutions make or break deals and political advances and falls from grace with the sex trades. i.e. Gay rights gay clergy and gay marriage soon I  feel, as I said as a child this will happen, female Clergy also as feminism has used its self and others in the child and adult sex trades to gain ground in the battle of the sexes and men to counter their advancements. All of these institutions have of course used the same to prevent or delay any unwanted changes to their institutions. Human Right institutions the Police and the Judiciary and CPS are as dirty as all others.


Paul Morel is at the back, on the far right he was mostly violent to me he also smoked cannabis at the home and share with some of the children and Daisy would complain as for some reason this was her only concern as it had been communicated to her by Margaret Urquhart the head of the Division that the children had been talking. Why she only showed concern for this information getting out about the home does not figure with me as so much was already known and common knowledge even before I got there. Lorraine Napier is just to the right in front of Paul. Between Paul and Lorraine is John Donnachie with his arm around her neck. Again the Picture has been cropped.

I am trying to research the where about and present morality of former children involved in this trade and also anyone who may have any information to give concerning this trade. Some Children according to DC Caroline Bonner at my Tribunal in Aberdeen Atholl House said that she thinks most witness' maybe dead and suggested that Margaret Third could have been murdered among others as this is not unusual in such cases.

This is the Children's Shelter 139 The Hardgate Aberdeen the picture was taken on the 07/10/1970 when as you can see the Queen was visiting. I was in this home at the time but I am not sure if I am in this picture. The car is familiar as I remember that especially from St MARTHAS where I was beaten and sexually abused by Nuns from the order of St Margaret's belonging to The Episcopal Church of Scotland and they and the home were on 17-19 Spital Aberdeen. They were shut down as a Children's home around 1973 and refused further permissions to provide care for children at that location. They did try to apply for a permission to run a home for old people but I do not know what happened with that. You will find that most homes and religious orders that have been caught red handed raping children turn to providing care for the elderly. Some homes such as Coblehaugh manage to continue the cycle of abuse due to the complicity of the establishment and children who were permitted to work and valued in child exploitation.

This is the same event as above, Queens visit to The Children's Shelter 139 The Hardgate Aberdeen.
I have brought a case against the church and state and local authorities including the NHS and the Social Work at the afore mentioned Tribunal I gained ground and won two significant victories against Daisy Park B.E.M.  and the Episcopal Church of Scotland. We are many and I would like to state that we will not cease to work towards an end to this business and all concerned who exploit children and adults for their personal greed and social advancement.

This is how cheap your life is on the face of it, from the cradle to the grave the Church and the State  and the Pharmaceutical industries and academic institutions can do as they please with you and not have to fear any reprisals in the form of public humiliation nor punitive damages nor incarcerations. When you are labelled and subject to Pin Down you become someone of no worth nor creditably.

This is Daisy Park due to leave Coblehaugh in 1979. She doesn't look much but she was able to administer drugs to me without me knowing and I was sedated at night and very unwell during the day as a result. She would wake me up at night around 11 pm every night she was there and sexually molest me. She would take me to the toilet, as the pretence was that I was wetting the bed and I was and you will see why in the next picture. Margaret Third witnessed this one night in the corridor as Daisy Park kissed for a prolonged time all the while she was touching my genitals. I had told the girls Margaret, Helen and Dorothy that this was happening and if they would come and see for themselves and help me stop her doing it I would work for them.
Daisy Park would normally molest me in the toilet but she did occasionally do it to me in the corridor. On one occasion Daisy performed oral sex on me, I was very disturbed for a long time after that and felt physically sick quite a lot. I was beaten several times for resisting but I could do very little as I was sedated and eventually I gave up and let her get on with it.
We consider that most people's  are forced into the trade by circumstance, Poverty and the greed of others. So you have nothing to fear by coming forward and giving up what you know. Seek the support of those you know you can trust as there is strength in numbers.

I am a member of

As you can see I was heavily sedated and I have other records in my possession that will show that they increased these amounts. I am being Pinned Down with, Thioridizine,  Amitriptyline  and Valium (Diazepam). The dosage for these to begin with were respectively, 50mg, 10mg and 2mg. There was also talk I overheard between Daisy and others about increases she had made but when Allan Ross asked if his medication was being increased she said you're OK it's one of the others. Allan Ross would taunt me by saying to me you don't know what's happening to you and I've heard it's going to get worse. He would frequently drink and do drugs and he would also have sex with adults in the community and I also witnessed him intimately touching an art worker at Brimmond Assessment centre for children  Aberdeen. He was trying to get the art Teacher to take me home with her for sex, she said that he can't be trusted and that everyone knows that. I now have Type 2 Diabetes and Tinnitus.

But  as I am currently engaged in conducting this round of protests and activism you will contact me directly regarding this matter.

I would also like to inform you that I am a TV license payer and this is paid to the BBC and I expect to be treated equally and have these issues reported on the TV.

I have already engaged with my MSP Alison Johnstone on Thursday the 26/07/2012 at 11:30 am for approximately 45 minutes, she may be considering taking up this issue. In the case of my MP Sheila Gilmore she turned out to be a damp squib. Which did surprise me as she claimed to be for the rights of women and claims to defend women against  the sexual and physical abuse they receive from men but I'm not sure if that would include women and girls who exploit girls and vulnerable women maybe that was the conflict of interest that I encountered. www. is also made up of female survivors of violence child sex abuse and vivisection and Pin Down.


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  2. my daughter just been sent here! i sincerely hope this is not the case these days, i truly feel for the children of which have been written about.

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  3. I went out with Joyce McGrath for a while, a troubled person who found release in alcohol, she did have a fierce side to her but also a side that was loving and kind, we all have that capacity. While she was at Cobblehaugh she was befriended by a priest with whom she had a long, long sexual relationship. Joyce is no longer here, he is a Bishop. RIP jOYCE.